Ten Govs Students

Grigory Menshikov takes a poetic jab at COVID, social distancing, and protocols


From the CDC

Grigory Menshikov, Editor

Ten Govs Students

Ten Govs students
going out to dine;
One walked the wrong direction
and then there were nine.


Nine Govs students
sat up very late;
One entered dorm mate’s room
and then there were eight.


Eight Govs students
drank lemonade with lemon;
One took off their mask
and then there were seven.


Seven Govs students
partook in Dorm Olympics;
One approached another
and then there were six.


Six Govs students
attended Senior night;
One forgot to wash their hands
and then there were five.


Five Govs students
entered the bookstore;
One didn’t use the sanitizer
and then there were four.


Four Govs students
went out for some tea;
One refilled their bottle
and then there were three.


Three Govs students
had homework to do;
They sat beside in Pesky
and then there were two.


Two Govs students
were apart for long;
They hugged each other warmly
and then there was one.


One Govs student
left all alone;
Their parents came to pick them up

and then there were none.