“The Addams Family”


Melina Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

On the weekend of February 14, the Academy’s drama program presented their production of The Addams Family musical. A group of talented actors, technicians, and musicians worked for months preparing the show, and the performances showcased this hard work. The pit band was well-rehearsed, the ensemble was energetic, and tech was highly prepared. 


The events of the musical follow Wednesday Addams, who has recently fallen in love and wants to marry her boyfriend, Lucas Beineke. The couple brings the unconventional Addams and the clean-cut Beinekes together for a get-to-know-you dinner while trying to hide their engagement from their parents. When the dinner goes astray, it is up to all of them to try to bring everyone back together.


Prior to the production, The Governor spoke with Director Paul Wann, as well as several actors. All who were interviewed emphasized the supportive cast dynamic as a big contributor to the success of the show, as well as the collaboration between all groups involved in the production.


“This is my first time working with Mrs. Friend and the orchestra, and boy they are great. They’re disciplined and they’re right on top of it. Mr. Huntington has done a great job, first of all teaching everybody to sing, but now he has the impossible—I mean impossible to me—job of having the singing and the orchestra going off at the same time. He’s doing a great job. And I must mention our choreographer, Jen Steeves, who is a teacher—she works in a dance place in Newburyport—and I just love working with her […] All the people, all the actors, are completely committed to their parts and they’re having fun, so it’s really nice to watch them work,” said Mr. Wann.


“For me, I think it’s just getting to hang out with everyone in the cast every day. We always just have a lot of fun… it doesn’t ever feel like a lot of work, it’s more fun. Like we’re all just kind of hanging out,” noted Abby DeLena, who portrayed Wednesday Addams.


DeLena and Grace Studley, who played Morticia Addams, agreed that the small size of the cast was an asset. “We were worried about it in the beginning, just because it’s always kind of scary having a small cast, but I think it’s been good for us,” commented Delena.


Both actresses also felt a strong connection to their roles in the play.


“I’m Wednesday, and kind of going into it I expected the part was gonna be like she’s very angry and serious all the time, but in reality her character really develops from the beginning […] She has fallen for this boy, and that’s really out of character for her, and then through it she kind of grows into it and starts accepting this love for him. And I mean of course there is a conflict between her and him throughout kind of making couple decisions, but once they move past that she really opens herself up in the end, and that’s kind of a big thing,” said DeLena.


“My character—she’s very dramatic. Everything she does is very dramatic when it shouldn’t be. That’s just who she is, she loves drama. Like I said she’s a dramatic person like trying to stir up trouble—that’s what it says in the script. She’s constantly trying to get involved in situations she shouldn’t be involved in which is kind of annoying […] By the end she realizes she needs to stop that habit,” said Studley.


Mr. Wann glowed when talking about the cast and crew of the show. “The most rewarding part always is watching the actors become more confident and more self-expressive, and finding the humor and finding the truth in what they’re doing, and it happens every day. Every day at rehearsal—not everybody does it—but every day at rehearsal at least one person has a moment of truth, where they say their line or they sing their song or they make their entrance, and it’s just perfect, and it just makes me so happy. So that happens every day.”


And there were many moments of truth in the shows Friday and Saturday. The actors were well-rehearsed and committed to their parts, the pit band was cohesive and skillful, and the tech was near-flawless. It was, all in all, another successful show for the Govs theatre program.