Chillin’terviews: Grace Studley ’21

Chillin’terviews: Grace Studley ’21

Rose Robinson, Editor

For the “Chillin’terviews” column, I’ll be conducting interviews with a staff/faculty member or a member of the student body.

What makes these interviews “chill”? These two people are randomly selected. By randomly, I mean I walk into the dining hall and interview whoever is there and whoever doesn’t look too busy. Some of the questions are silly—some of them go deeper. These are “chill” questions because these are conversational topics. They’re the kinds of things you somehow find yourself discussing as you’re chillin’ with friends or maybe thinking about in the shower. 

I want to share the voices of people in the community, whether they are the ones we hear from often, or not often enough. Maybe, through reading these interviews, you’ll find someone chill. Enjoy.




I’ve discovered that the dining hall is void of nearly all human life during the hours of afternoon activities. Luckily, on Wednesday, after slacklining with the homies, enjoying the beautiful weather, and some attempts to find a willing interviewee, I had a lovely conversation with Grace Studley ’21 at the picnic table outside of the library. 


Rose Robinson: How has the start of the school year been for you?

Grace Studley: Good. (Laughs.) It’s really just been, like, good. That’s the only way to explain it. But that’s so boring. I’m so sorry.

RR: No, that’s totally okay. Are you happy with your classes?

GS: Yeah, they’re good. (Laughs.) Like I can’t think of any more adjectives to describe it besides good! School isn’t amazing, and it’s not bad—it’s just good. 


RR: What color represents the summer of 2019 in your mind?

GS: Ummm… (Thoughtful silence.) Huh. Blue.

RR: Like a light blue or a dark blue?

GS: All the blues.


Here, Gracie took a moment to let out a bewildered “ahh!” and fling her body to the side, swiftly offering the explanation: “There was a bee.” 

~ Note from author: Save the bees. Go pollinators. <3 ~


RR: What fruit or vegetable embodies your soul?

GS: (Immediately,) Apples.

RR: Any reason for that, or—?

GS: They’re my favorite, and they’re just so (slight pause) good. (Laughs.) I’m terrible at this!

RR: No, no. This is perfect.


RR: In your opinion, who would win in a fight: 1 horse-sized duck or 25 duck-sized horses?

GS: Horse sized du—ehhhh… (Pause, then emphatically,) One horse-sized duck. (Considers.) Wait no, that can’t really do anything… Actually, it can just kinda sit.

RR: Like sit on the duck-sized horses?

GS: Yeah. That’s it. It can just sit on them.

RR: And crush them.

GS:  (Laughs.) Yeah, basically. And fly away… Wow, that would be kinda sick. 


RR: What is one thing you wish people knew about you?

GS: Oh, there’s nothing.  

RR: Nothing! You’re an open book?

GS: Hmmm, what is something people don’t know about me… (Laughs.) No, yeah, I don’t have anything. I guess everyone knows everything they need to know.


RR: What is your guilty pleasure song?

GS: Uhhh… (Thoughtful silence.) It might take me a minute… What’s yours?

RR: Ummm… Maybe “Call Me Maybe?”

GS: Oh. (Author’s note: I will try not to read into the disappointed tone of that single ‘oh.’)

RR: Or maybe “The Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog.

GS: Aw that one’s so cute… I like “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga.


RR: What keeps you up at night?

Mallika Chari ’22: Bye guys!

GS: Bye Mallika…. Will that be in there? When I say bye to Mallika? … No, I’m just kidding.

RR: Maybe… Sometimes I put in the funny little interactions with people.

GS: Oh, ok… Ha… Anyways… What keeps me up at night? A lot… Um… I was gonna say TikToks, but that’s embarrassing. You can’t put that in or else I’ll be embarrassed… Umm… (Thoughtful silence.) Well, I mean you can do whatever you want, I’m not trying to boss you around…. Uhh, like memories from fourth grade. (Considers further.) Oh, and (laughs) my semi caption from freshman year (laughs).

RR: What was your semi caption from freshman year?

GS: (Laughs) I don’t even wanna say it… It was bad, I deleted the caption. But like, if people see this they’ll know…


RR: Imagine the hypothetical scenario that you are trapped somewhere with one other person during the zombie apocalypse. Who would you want that one person to be and where would you want to be trapped?

GS: Ummm… uhhh… Who am I obsessed with? (Thoughtful silence.) Harry Styles! No, Shawn Mendes! (Pause) Shawn Mendes and we would be stuck in a grocery store. No, in a… in one of those places that has food and comfy chairs and… no… I don’t know what that is. A grocery store.


RR: What color is your house? 

GS: I don’t know. I ask myself that, like, all the time. And I asked my brother and he said it was a different color than I thought it was. I thought it was tan, but it might not be.

RR: Do you like the color?

GS: I don’t even notice it. I have no idea what color my house is…. Wow… I really don’t know the color of my house.

RR: Like you can’t think of what the color is or you can’t describe the color?

GS: Both… Oh well… 


RR: And finally, what are you thankful for today?

GS: Umm… (Considers.) Oh, I got a parking spot in the first lot!