Teddy’s Tech

With everyone spending so much time online, we turn to our tech guru, Teddy Hwang `22, for some helpful advice.

Teddy Hwang, Editor

Chrome extensions do some amazing things these days–here are some of my favorites that you should be using right now.

Copyfish 🐟 Free OCR Software

Copyfish lets you copy text from a photo. This might not sound interesting for you, but once you figure out how to apply this to your workflow, it quickly becomes an essential tool.

For example, if a teacher sends you a scanned copy of a textbook and you need to quote it, instead of typing it word by word, you can drag the part you want to copy with Copyfish and it will turn it into text.


Mailtrack–Email Tracker for Gmail

Know when someone opens your email so you can be passive-aggressive about it! Mailtrack lets you know when the person you’ve sent an email to opens it, but also when they forward it and when they click the link inside the email.


Grammarly for Chrome

You’ve definitely seen advertisements for Grammarly–use it.



Lets you open, copy, or bookmark multiple links at the same time. Just press Z and drag across the links you want to open. Crazy useful when doing research.