Captain’s Corner

Mallika Chari `22 talks to Lauren Fraser `21, KK O’Connell `21, and Luke Zeller `21.

Mallika Chari, Editor

Without games this fall, we thought we would catch up with some team captains to get our sports fix. The ones who actually answered The Governor’s emails:

Lauren Fraser for Girls Ice Hockey

Kaitlyn “KK” O’Connell for Girls Soccer

Luke Zeller for Boys Soccer

How is your team adjusting to the changes this season due to Covid-19?

Fraser: I think our team has definitely had to adjust due to Covid-19 but we are hoping that over the next few months things get better and that we will have a season this year. 

KK: The changes have been really tough on the team but it has brought us closer together.

Zeller: Everyone definitely took it hard because this year was going to be our undefeated season. But we’re still optimistic about next year.


Is it difficult to feel unified when you are coming on different days?

Fraser: It has definitely been difficult to feel like a unified team as everyone has different schedules this fall but I think now that students can come to the afternoon program on virtual days our team will be able to spend more time together and prepare for the season. 

KK: Yes it has been difficult I’m sad I can’t see everyone 🙁

Zeller: Not really.


How well do you think Govs organized your sport and do you have any suggestions for improvement?

Fraser: It was great that the ice was put in this past week and we have been able to start practicing together but it has been a challenge for team members to balance playing multiple sports this fall. 

KK: I think that we should just be playing fall sports right now because as a senior that’s the only thing I want right now. But I understand what they have to do.

Zeller: They are doing the best that they can, we can’t really ask for more than that.


What are you most excited about for your team to do this year?

Fraser: As a team we are most excited about welcoming our new teammates and setting our sights on making playoffs!

KK: I was most excited to win because we have a strong group of 9th graders coming in and they are going to do great the next few years.

Zeller: Showering with the boys. 


Favorite dining hall meal?

Fraser: We definitely love both chicken patty and quesadilla day!

KK: The banana bread 

Zeller: Uncrustables