Chillin’ terviews: Ty Belville ’20


Jessica Choe, Editor

The Governor was faced with the same problem as always. The Governor didn’t have enough articles for the new issue. So, I told Ms. Kass: I’m interviewing football player and winner of the Governor’s Pageant, Ty Belville. Who would have expected that? But it turned out to be very fun, and at least on my part, I enjoyed talking with him. 


Jessica: So first question, how’s your day?

Ty: My day is fantastic, thank you. And you?

Jessica: Good. How’d you come up with your Mr. GDA acts?

 Ty: So like, I already rap for a hobby, kinda. So I decided to make a diss-track just for fun because I thought people would enjoy it. And I don’t know, the rest was kinda just chilling with some kids, and they were like, yeah, that might be funny. So it was kinda just like a little bit of brainstorming, not much to do.

 Jessica: Who are you asking to prom?

 Ty: I do not know. I’ll figure that out sometime.

 Jessica: Anyone in your mind? Any candidates?

 Ty: Yeah, I might. I might. Might be confidential. But yeah, I might.

 Jessica: What did you do on your first date?

 Ty: What did I do on my first date? I don’t know if I can answer that. Complimented her, I guess. I don’t know, I gotta be PG 13. [Yeah], I don’t know. We might go get some food or an ice cream if it’s like a summer day. Just chill. Or I have two dogs, so I can take them for a hike. That’s always a popular one. 

 Jessica: Your biggest pet peeve?

 Ty: Oh. People who talk too much.

 Jessica: I think that’s me.

 Ty: It’s good. I’m in the talking mood now. It’s all good. But yeah, definitely big talkers.

 Jessica: So, do you have any weird habits?

 Ty: Weird habits? I don’t know. I gotta think. I’m sure I do. I just can’t think of it. If I think of one, I’ll let you know.

 Jessica: Your Snapchat account has Chinese characters. What’s up with that?

 Ty: So I actually have an Asian friend back home. 

 Jessica: That’s cool.

 Ty: And he’s just like, yo, put this in, so I was like, why, he’s like I don’t know. It looks cool. I was like, what does it mean? He’s like, I don’t know. It’s funny. He actually…so he’s Japanese…and he went to Japan. He got like a hole in his lung there.

 Jessica: A hole? A hole in his lungs?

Ty: I guess his lung collapsed. So he got a hole in his lungs, and he couldn’t fly back because the air pressure in the plane would have collapsed it. So he got stuck in Japan for like three months.

Jessica: Favorite protein powder? I mean, that’s your iconic thing…

Ty: Yeah, I guess so. Peanut butter, chocolate max gain.

Jessica: Oh. Nice.

Ty: I don’t expect you to know what that is. No, it’s good though. It’s got like sixteen hundred calories in it.

Jessica: That’s crazy. Why would you want to gain weight?

Ty: I need to. For football. I’m good now, but I used to be one hundred and seventy pounds and now I’m two thirty. I put on fifty pounds a year.

Jessica: Favorite Govs food?

Ty: I love Dumpling Day. Dumpling Day is my favorite by far. I usually get two full plates and some rice. You know, I put the little sauce on it, too. It’s really good.

Jessica: Wow! It’s my favorite, too. What’s your favorite book? 

Ty: I like Jack London. So, Call of the Wild is probably my favorite book of all time.

Jessica: What do you like about it?

 Ty: I just, I don’t know. The story was really good and I actually followed it. Like it really intrigued me. And I was younger when I read it. I read it, and I reread it a few times and then I read The Sea-wolf. I read that young, too. That was kind of hard, especially the dialect they use. But yeah. Jack London is my favorite artist–I mean, author.

 Jessica: Do you like to read?

 Ty: I used to. Now I read like mostly articles online when I do read, I don’t like have enough time to joy-read to be honest, so but yeah. No, I mean every once in a while I do, but not as much time as I used to.

 Jessica: Interesting fact: Jack London actually looks like Mr. Woessner. How’d you get into rapping and writing songs?

 Ty: So I don’t know if you know Azjan.

 Jessica: Yeah, I know him.

 Ty: OK. He was on the floor below me. I really didn’t know many people when I got here, and then I was just kind of walking around. I heard music playing from his room was like, alright, cool. So I popped in and he’s like, Oh, I’m Azjan. We ended up being good friends. We would freestyle, you know, every other night or whatever, he’d make a beat and we freestyle on it. And then he used Logic. And it turns out the school teaches an electronic music class and they used Logic. So he helped me with that. But yeah, it was pretty much Azjan who got me into music, and then I ended up teaching myself the rest. But yeah.

 Jessica: So before you come here, you didn’t write music? That’s crazy. I thought you were always into it.

 Ty: No, I mean, like I’ve been into music, but I’ve never really made it. Like I’ve played the guitar and the drums and stuff. But yeah. So it hasn’t been a year yet. Last April was when I started making it.

 Jessica: How do you come up with your SoundCloud name?

 Ty:  So you know Heaven, right? She graduated. She actually came up with Viola. I don’t know how she got it, but she’s like, well, your last name is Bellville, and you’re also white. So something like vanilla? She was like how about just villa? And then like my old football name number was fifty-nine. So she said Villa59. I’ve changed it to Saint Villa.

 Jessica: That’s cool. Kinda sounds like an oxymoron.

 Ty: Yeah, I don’t know. I’ll probably change it again, but I like that for now.

 Jessica: That’s cool. How’s the process of creating music like?

 Ty: So usually I don’t really make beats, but I’ll get beats. And so first I freestyle on it. I decide if I like them. If I like them, I store them. Then I go back. I put them into my software and I record a freestyle. And I usually freestyle over four times. And then I find my rhythm or my flow that I use for the chorus and the verses and the bridge and stuff. And then I write my lyrics and then I mix it and stuff.

 Jessica: A few more questions. Any March break plans?

Ty: Yeah. Me and a couple buddies are going to Mexico.

Jessica: Oh, that’s nice. Cancun?

Ty: Cabo. I don’t even know where it is to be honest. I guess he’s got a place there. So yeah, it’s like our friend groups from Govs are going out there so it should be good.

Jessica: With whom do you have the most streaks on Snapchat?

 Ty: My longest streak? One sec. (checks his phone)  OK. It’s eight hundred and fifty-one. It’s a girl from my hometown. She actually liked me a lot a few years ago, I just wanted to chill. She’s like, yo, I’ll buy you ice cream. Let’s take your dogs somewhere. No, she really liked me. So I friend-zoned her. But we ended up being really good friends. She’s chill about it now.

Jessica: So you guys are not dating or anything.

Ty: No, no, no, no, no. I never wanted to. I made that clear. She’s a little pissed off, but now she got over it. And we’re good friends now.

Jessica:  The most interesting you’ve ever seen?

Ty: That’s so hard of a question. (thinks for a while

John Gorgol twerking. You don’t want to see it. But it’s interesting.

Jessica: What do you wanna study in college?

Ty: I’m probably going pre-med.

Jessica: That’s cool. You have such a variety of interests.

Ty: I know, I want a minor in music engineering, too. I should be able to stay busy.

Jessica: Anyway, thank you.

Ty: Yeah, of course.