New Year, New Clubs: Temperance League, Govs Connect, Art Therapy


Shirley Wei, Editor

On September 25, 32 student clubs showed up at the Alfond Dining Hall to recruit new members at the Club Fair.

Among the new clubs founded this year, the Temperance League drew much attention from students. Nick Luikey ’20 and Reece Ciampitti ’20, the club’s heads, noticed that many people don’t follow school rules surrounding drugs and alcohol. The leaders expressed that they are “concerned about the health of others as well as the relationships and the solidarity of our community.” The goal of the Temperance League is to educate and inform the school community, Nick said. “People will think about the decisions they make related to substance use and abuse. Hopefully, it can discourage people from doing that and help people understand why it’s not good for you.” 

“Temperance League is open to everybody here. Even if you are not temperant [sic], and you want to join, we are welcoming to you. We promise to never incriminate any students. During the meeting, students can have all of our confidence and be honest and open,” heads of the Temperance League told The Governor. The organization wants to provide students with a safe place on campus and may also hold school dances later in the year

Also at the club fair was Govs Connect. The smartphone app, of the same name, made by Jeffrey Wang ’20, provides convenience to the community.  It features daily lunch and dinner menus, modified schedules, weekend events, school links, and game records. Looking for students interested in computer programming, Jeffrey started the club to develop the second version of the Govs Connect app. “This club is important because if we can develop the second version, it will contribute more to the Govs community.” Jeffrey specifically stressed that he will order food for the club meetings while having great discussions with his club members. 

Heads of the Art Therapy Club—Angela Feng ’20, Leo Lin ’21, and Nancy Xie ’21—want to help students relieve stress by making art. “We will do some doodling and interesting art games during our club meetings,” said Nancy, who hoped that more students on campus will get to know more about—and become interested in—art in the future.