Chillin’terviews: Trevor Demers ’21 and Dillon Passero ’21


Rose Robinson, Editor

It was, of course, another thrilling day at The Governor. Once again, however, I had visited the dining hall to find it empty, and—lost in my journey to find a interviewee—I resorted to staring blankly at my application deadlines on CommonApp. A sense of imminent doom was beginning to wash over me just as Ms. Paula Kass turned to me, whispering, “Why don’t you interview the recycling boys?” I looked over to Dillon Passero ‘21 and Trevor Demers ‘21 taking out the library recycling. This was the moment I had been waiting for. 


Rose Robinson: If you had to recommend any movie for me to watch right now, what would it be?

(Initially, silence from both)

Trevor Demers: Uhhhh…. I’d probably say Goodfellas. (To Dylan) What about you?

Dillon Passero: Re—(hesitates). Remember the Titans. 

TD: (To me) Have you seen either of those?

RR: I haven’t…(pause) I don’t really watch a lot of movies.


RR: Would you rather be a pirate or a ninja and why?

DP: I’d probably rather be a ninja—or I meant a pirate, excuse me (Author’s Note: A Freudian slip: deep in his soul, he knows which is the better option.)—’cause, I don’t know, you could probably get a lot more money from pirating places. That would be pretty cool.

TD: I’d definitely rather be a ninja…

RR: Yeah, I mean that’s the correct answer (chuckling, no one else is).

TD: Yeah, I mean I feel like being stealthy is pretty cool. And I can’t do, like, acrobatics at all right now, so… 

RR: Yeah, my thought is, like, if you’re a pirate, your success depends on like (pausing) your tools and stuff, but if you’re a ninja you’re just sick…like you can just do whatever. 

TD: And you get to dress up…pretty cool.

RR: Yeah. (Pause). I’ve had a lot of arguments about that.


RR: Where do you feel most at home?

(Long pause from both)

DP: Hm…Like just in general or?

RR: Yeah.

DP: Probably…Um, I feel like…Colorado. ‘Cause that’s where I’ve grown up and I’ve been all my life.

TD: Um…I’d probably say…The hockey rink…I think. Probably.   


RR: Do you have any significant memories associated with water?

(Pause as both of them think, then, suddenly)

DP: I do actually, (puts hand on table emphatically). Uh, once I was hunting in Alaska with my dad, and it started downpouring. And so we had to go into his truck, and we were just in there, for like, hours. And we couldn’t really hunt.

TD: Um, one time I went to the beach, and—it was when I was, like, really young—and there were these huge waves and a pretty strong undercurrent. And, so, I just remember being sucked under the waves for what seemed like, a minute (pause). And that made me not wanna go in water with waves for, like, a few years.


RR: Are you chilling with your family this family weekend? (Author’s note: this question was admittedly more fitting for the original planned release date for this issue, the Friday before family weekend.)

DP: My mom is coming to town… so, yes.

TD: I will also be chillin’ with the fam this weekend.

RR: Are you guys doing anything exciting with your family?

TD: Uh, I live in Connecticut so I’m just going back home for the weekend. 

DP: I’m just staying in Amesbury and I have some hockey games. That’ll be cool for my mom to watch those ‘cause she never really gets a chance.