Club Expo

Govs holds annual Club Expo

Iris Li, Editor


On September 23rd, the school had its lively club expo—the first full-sized expo since Covid. The club expo is an event the school holds at the beginning of the year where clubs gather together and attempt to attract potential members. Last year, while Covid was still prevalent, not many clubs were active. However, this year many students participated in either organizing or participating in a club. Among the various exciting clubs, the most popular one at the expo was STAG, the stock club. The STAG club stuck one-dollar bills onto their poster board, and once someone signed up for the club, they could rip out a dollar for themselves. Definitely a creative idea to attract people. Moreover, the
Latin club placed a huge Lego box on their table. According to the club leaders, the club would use some of its meeting time to piece together the Colosseum. This year, Ms. Reyes also posted stricter rules regarding the organization of clubs. All clubs must at least meet once every two weeks and update their club pages for each meeting. Good luck to the clubs!