The Most Important Event of the Year! (In the Arts Department)

Kaiser and Wilke Nights by Victoria Liu ’24

Victoria Liu, Editor

Arts weekend is an annual event hosted by Kaiser and Wilkie proctors over the closed weekend after March Break, and it acts as a celebration and appreciation for the arts at Govs. However, the 2022 arts weekend has been the first normal, full-participation arts weekend after the two years of COVID at Govs. 

Each art building had its respective events. On Friday evening in Kaiser, there was jewelry making, Bob Ross paint night, a photo booth, clay night, and The Tyler Garvey (Film) Collection. The following evening in Wilkie, there was Senior Moments hosted by Mr. Wann, Karaoke, Just Dance, charades, improv, and open music studio. 

This year, arts weekend was amazing. There was a great turnout, with every studio in Kaiser being packed on Friday night. Wilkie was full as well, with karaoke and Just Dance the two most popular events. 

Students produced gorgeous work in Kaiser and took fun photos with their friends in the photo booth. See the slideshow for photos of both evenings.