Chillin’terview: Adam ’22 and Teddy ’22

Albert Niu interviews outgoing social heads, Adam Conforti and Teddy Hwang

Albert Niu, Editor

Drawing of Adam and Teddy
Drawing of Adam and Teddy by Kevin Xia `23

In my opinion, a seasoned writer for The Governor must have Chillin’terviews in their repertoire. Motivated to pass the trial, I came to Ms. Kass searching for potential interviewees. In a heartbeat, she recommended her son Adam Conforti ’22 and his partner in crime, Teddy Hwang ’22. It was never much of a choice for Adam: what the mother says, goes. 



Albert Niu: First question, how’s your day?

Adam Conforti: It’s all right. Two classes. Can’t complain.

Teddy Hwang: Today is a little rainy. I’ve had a really good week so far though.


AN: What does the last quarter of senior year feel like? 

AC: It feels like nothing. I do nothing. I had two assignments this week. You know, I just kind of float around.

TH: I don’t know I’m in school. On Tuesdays, I don’t have class until 1:05 pm. On Fridays I’m out at 10:15. 

AC: I don’t have a single day without a free block.

TH: Homework? Never heard of it except for Falc(oner). That’s the only struggle I’m having.

AC: I don’t get homework.


AN: Do you guys have senior spring term projects?

AC: Yes, I do. I play chess, B block. 

AN: With who?

AC: Just online. Just learning, trying to get better. 

TH: I’m making an information board for the school. You know the stray monitors that we used in the QR check-in days? Of course Govs being Govs they never bothered taking it down. So they’re just like, lying there. I’m going to turn those into screens where they can display useful information. 


AN: Moving on, name something you hate about each other. 

AC: What I hate about Teddy? God. He always makes me look bad. Because he’s always just fitted and just like out there, and I’m just looking like a bum. I guess I hate that about me. 

TH: I have nothing against Adam either. If I have to nitpick, sometimes I have to call him once or twice…

AC: That’s true, I don’t answer my phone.


AN: Which morning meeting skit are you most proud of this year? 

TH: Oh, God it’s easily Squid Game.

AC: Oh, Squid Game was sick. 

TH: Definitely not the funniest one, but that’s the one that took the most effort.

AC: Favorite? My favorite was probably the beginning ones with the donors.


AN: Remember the morning meeting video you had to apologize for? 

AC & TH: Yes. 

AN: Did you really mean it? 

AC: It made me reflect. It made me realize that everyone sees what we are doing. 

TH: I made the video and it was genuine. I meant every word I said in that video. But so many people came up to me after and asked me why I apologized for it. That made me think more about not just the target audience, but like the fact that everyone watches.


AN: Final question about morning meetings. What’s a failed skit idea that you really loved?

TH: A skit we really like was, we got an eighth-grader to interview with Mr. Long. Right. But the kid has got earbuds. He’s being fed what to say by Mr. Long’s kid. Raya is listening to Mr. Long and answering, and then the kid is saying it to Mr. Long. So a six-year-old kid is answering Mr. Long’s questions. At some point he will probably figure out it’s his daughter. 

Um, another one. This one I just didn’t do because I feel like there is so much backlash. Peter Reid ’23 and Mr. Carson take the NYT political ideology test on stage and discuss every question.

AC: Well, that is just directly looking for controversy. 


AN: This question is directed to you, Adam. JK Baik ’23 specifically requested this. How does it feel to be destroyed by him in Eames-ball? (editor’s note: Eames-ball are basketball scrimmages in the parking lot behind Eames dorm.) 

AC: (suddenly furious) That is NOT TRUE! JK does NOT lock me up! JK cannot guard me at all! And I lock up JK. JK puts up no points when we play. And he knows it. 


AN: If you could travel to a foreign country riding anything but a plane or a boat, what would you choose?

AC: I want to, you know, like the Oregon trail, I want to recreate that. I want to get to Oregon in like a wagon. 

TH: Yeah. Like do the manifest destiny in 2022.

AC: Except there’s no more people to kick out.


AN: When you die, who would you include in your will? 

AC: No one.

TH: Maybe I’ll donate half my money to pro LGBTQ organizations and half my money to anti-LGBTQ organizations. People’ll try and figure out what my thoughts were. It’s like, he’s pro gun, but also pro gay, like what the %$^*? 


AN: Do either of you consider donating to Govs? 

TH: I would donate money to Brooks.

AC: Just to the wrestling team. If they put my money anywhere else I’m BLOWING UP THE SCHOOL. Do you have that on record? 

AN: Yes. 


AN: Pineapple on pizza. Yes or no? 

TH: Yes.

AC: No. Oh, I’ve never tried it. 

AC: I can imagine it’s good. I think half the people that say it’s bad, me being one of them, have never had it.

TH: It’s actually like people are %&*#ting on it for no reason. The internet always has this narrative where one person says, oh, it’s bad, and then everyone just decides to turn against it. I mean, I understand why you might not like pineapple on pizza. You don’t want juice in there, it’s citrusy. But it’s really good. You just have to try it. 

AC: Well, if I don’t like it, no one else is allowed to like it. 


AN: All right, thank you two. That was a great Chillin’terview. Have a good day.