Govs Students Win 70 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Governor’s students won a total of 70 Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards this year. Nineteen writers won 33 Scholastic writing awards, earning 5 Gold Keys, 8 Silver Keys, and 20 Honorable Mentions. Nineteen artists won 37 Scholastic art awards, earning 7 Gold Keys, 12 Silver Keys, and 18 Honorable Mentions. The winners are listed below.




Gold Keys

Lilly Baumfeld       Short Story         “C’est La Vie”

Jessica Choe           Poetry                  “Orange Sestina”

Albert Niu               Critical Essay     “Little Toy Soldiers”

Megan Tran            Personal Essay  “The Deafening Silence of Burdens”

Elina Zhang            Personal Essay   “Pretty Girls Have Small Eyes”



Silver Keys

Lilly Baumfeld       Poetry                    “Jew-ish”

Isabel Eldredge     Poetry                    “Louisiana Belle”

Jerry Fang              Personal Essay     “A Bouquet”

Hongyi Jiang         Personal Essay     “To the Top”

Ericson Kuo           Poetry                     “The Pugilist”

Tianyi Shen            Poetry                     “Amorphous”

Zoe Tang                 Personal Essay      “Under the Sycamore Tree”

Judy Wang             Poetry                      “Names”


Honorable Mention

Abby Boyko           Short Story              “What Lays on the Mantle”

Jana Choe              Poetry                       “An Epic Eulogy”

Jana Choe              Poetry                       “DOI: 12.2019”

Jana Choe              Personal Essay       “Per Aspera Ad Astra”

Jessica Choe          Poetry                       “Folds” 

Jessica Choe          Poetry                       “Kimchi”

Jerry Fang             Personal Essay        “Only a Dream” 

Kevin Jiao             Personal Essay        “Kiss the Rain”

Ericson Kuo          Poetry                        “Preguntas Para El Desconosido”

Ericson Kuo          Dramatic Script       “The Myth of Eurydice and Persephone”

Ericson Kuo          Poetry                        “Uncle Sam’s Song”

Ericson Kuo          Poetry                        “War Letter”

Cecilia Li                Personal Essay         “The Beauty of Jade”

Erin Ohlenbusch  Poetry                        “I Don’t Dare Feel”

Katie Riley            Short Story                 “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words”

Tianyi Shen          Poetry                          “Aquamarine”

Tianyi Shen          Poetry                          “Crippling Gifts”

Tianyi Shen          Poetry                          “San-Tong”

Fiona Xu               Science Fiction          “Hiraeth”

Elina Zhang          Personal Essay          “Dreams of a Counterfeit Viola Player”





Gold Keys

Eliana Mlawski  Ceramics Portfolio

Allen Wang  Painting

Allen Wang  Painting

David Moriarty  Photography

David Moriarty  Photography

Don Xing             Painting

Natalia Rai          Drawing


Silver Keys

Alex Gibbs  Art Portfolio

Allen Wang  Art Portfolio

Will Moriarty       Photo Portfolio

Allen Wang           Painting

Emily Storer         Ceramics

Teddy Hwang       Photography

Judy Wang            Drawing

Judy Wang            Editorial Cartoon

Lakshmi Bogelli   Photography

Makayla Moriarty  Photography

Natalia Rai            Drawing

Ryan Delay           Photography


Honorable Mention

Jackson Hurd-Messom   Photo Portfolio

Rayha Karanth  Photo Portfolio

Allen Wang Painting

Allen Wang  Painting

Daniela Hamel Photography

Eliana Mlawski Ceramics

Eliana Mlawski Ceramics

Eliana Mlawski Ceramics

Jackson Hurd-Messom   Photography

Judy Wang   Drawing

Lakshmi Bogelli   Mixed Media

Lily Ewald   Photography

Makayla Moriarty Photography

Natalia Rai    Drawing

Natalie Garcia   Photography

Simon Zhao   Photography

Simon Zhao   Drawing

Will Moriarty   Photography